Universe's Advice

How to Manifest in 3 Easy Steps!!!

  1. Think about what you want to manifest, like for example, I want to manifest right now a cookie dough, so then get yourself in a HIGH pitched voice right now in your mind and then that’ll raise your vibration. It’s fun and you’ll see why it works.
  2. Next, CHUCK IT!!!!! WHIP IT!!! THROW IT OUT THERE INTO THE UNIVERSE!! Out to the farthest reaches of the Universe to far away beyond the farthest areas past the farthest stars in a HIGH PITCHED VOICE and say, “COOKIE DOUGH”  (or whatever you want!)
  3. Now you relax back down on Earth or whatever planet or area of existence you are in and wait and co-create. Whenever you get an intuitive or clairaudient message from Spirit, or a sign from the Universe (to me the Universe and Spirit are the same thing, Love), follow through. That will help manifest it to reality.


Enjoy!! Let me know how it went for you!!!


All donation’s can be made at telepathy7171@gmail.com at my Paypal.com


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