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Welcome to my blog!!! Here is my Etsy page for you to visit and explore a little more 😀 https://www.etsy.com/shop/MiclesShop?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

It’s delightful to know you! Feel free to look around my blog where we have our option’s listed and ask for anything you like here!!! Remember to pay first before you get your service if it’s not free 🙂

Just to let you know, here is some information on how to do a reading and some magic!!!! 🙂

Whenever you want to do any magic, here are 2 Absolute MUST TRY OPTIONS!

1) BELIEVE. Just like you believe in angels, you believe in magic. You can try a statement like, “I believe I will find a dime today.” Next, BELIEVE. WAAZAM. Wizzy, your spell is done!!! 🙂

2)Similar to the above, use the law of attraction to focus on an image of what you want mentally or visually and then release it to the Universe and then live in the Now. Presto! You have made magic! 🙂


Whenever you need to do a reading on the spot and there is no time to set everything up, try this-

Imagine a rainbow coming down from Heaven and enveloping you all the way down to the Earth and around your guest. Then wrap a clear color around the rainbow. Then sprinkle sparkles around the clear color. Then wrap a layer of God’s White Light and Protection and Healing Energies around the outside as well. TADA!! You are now a pure channel of SPIRIIITTTTTTT!!!!!! Plusssss, you are now grounded, centered, and cleared and protected fully, deeply, and completely. Pretty cool, right? I think so!

Now, the next thing you can do is the same thing but connect it from your third eye to their third eye and there and flap your angelic wings and you are finished!!! 😀 More on these angelic wings on my blog posts!!!! 😀 Have fun! Channeling is the BEST! AND MORE ON THAT LATERRRRRRRR!!!! ;D

If you’d like to cross over ghosts into the Light, then Shine your Light, even if that means from your heart chakra!!! Mine is a white light that is sparkling like a ball of light. Then let it go after you feel better and see the changes. Keep doing this whenever you feel a temperature drop, a nasty thought, a negative feeling, or a weird negative image or hear a ghost in the area or see one! Try it out! Thank you! 🙂


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